Your Swim School’s Best Friend!

SwimPal makes business run swimmingly for swim school owners, teachers and customers alike.

It’s a simple, structured and streamlined all-in-one management system dedicated to helping you run your swim school business more efficiently!

Thank you for your interest in SwimPal Online!

SwimPal has received a warm welcome from the aquatics industry. I am grateful to each swim school owner that has taken the time to view a demo of SwimPal so far. It’s allowed me to gather valuable feedback and see the product that I have worked hard to develop be adopted by some great swimming schools.

SwimPal Online is almost ready for its second launch. With new and improved features and a fresh modern logo, it’s almost ready to serve more swim schools!

If you would like to be contacted when a demo is available again please subscribe to the SwimPal mailing list below and I’ll be in touch.

Thank you,
Hayden Ingham
Creator of SwimPal Online

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